August 9, 2011
Right around the time I started writing my book, I went to a fun little tea party with my mom. There's this bed and breakfast in Lancaster called Hammond Hall. It's run by the fabulous (FABULOUS) Jean Turner, who was the gifted and talented teacher when I was in elementary school.

Fun fact: In 5th grade, I started writing a book called Miss Olivia. It was about a slave boy who became close friends with Miss Olivia, the young daughter of the slave owners. Sweet story. Mrs. Turner critiqued it for me. I have no idea where it is now.

ANYWAY- at the fun tea party- I met Beth Dotson Brown, a published author. (Check her book out here.) She lives in itty-bitty Lancaster, KY. How many links can I put in one blog entry?? Just now, I wanted to link a google map to Lancaster just to amuse myself.

So I met Beth, she was lovely. Then, a few months later I attended an Editors Day in Lexington sponsored by SCBWI. Beth was there! How fun is that?! This time she gave me one of her business cards and guess what- she does freelance editing.

Don't you love that? I do. Totally.

When I "finished" the book and complete three rounds of revisions, I called her up. And now, the lovely Mrs. Brown is editing my book. She said she'd have it finished in about 10 days. She's currently had it for 2. I'm a nervous wreck. I have no idea why! (Well, obviously I do know why. It's tough to be edited, right? And what if my book sucks in a totally embarassing way? So much that she emails me back and is like, "Megan, please stop writing. Forever."??) Seriously, I can't wait for her feedback. I'm sure she will have a lot of helpful comments and suggestions. But there is a part of me that is like, terrified that my book is terrible. Even though I love it....everyone loves their own books, right? Why else would we keep writing?

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