Cupid's Literary Connection

February 8, 2012
I mentioned the contest going on at Cupid's Literary Connection in my last post. There are fifty entries up today, and the bouncers are going through them to pick which ones they think should go to the next round. As I type this, 32 entries have been selected to go on to round 2.

It's interesting to read all the different entries. For one, I love seeing what other novels are out there in the querying trenches along with mine. There are several YA, which I would expect since it's one of the most popular genres right now. There are some really great-looking YA contemporaries too.

Reading all the entries gives me a new perspective on what agents deal with every day. Some of the queries were perfect, some were not. I love contests like this, because they're helpful to writers who struggle with the query.

There will be 50 more entries to go up next week, mine included. I can't wait!

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