February 12, 2012

The Grammys are tonight. I'm SO. EXCITED. I love the Grammys. It's the only awards show I absolutely can't miss- just love to watch the performances. I don't actually care who wins. Because you know what? When so many of my favorite artists perform music in one place, on one show-- I TOTALLY WIN.

The show is actually on right now. And I'm not watching. I've recorded it, and I'm not letting myself watch until I reach my writing goal tonight. See how grown-up and dedicated I am?? :)

There are also so many reasons to watch this year's Grammys- 1. LL Cool J is hosting. I mean, come on. 2. Adele's first post-op performance. 3. The Whitney tribute. 4. The Etta James tribute. 5. Will Kanye do anything crazy?

Random change in subject-

The second group of entries over at Cupid's Literary Connection goes up tonight, I think. Last week they went up around 9, so I'm assuming it'll be about the same this time. I'm nervous. I wasn't, and then I was, and then I wasn't, and here I am again- nervous. Now that I've looked at the query I submitted, I hate it. Of course. It's entirely too long. *sigh*

Another random change in subject-

It is really, really, really hard for me to get my head out of In The Between. When I started working on my Nanowrimo book, the YA contemporary, I purposely wrote from a guy's POV just so I could tear myself away from the voice of Harper, the MC of In The Between. And it did help- and it was pretty fun to think like a guy.

But in the fantasy novel I've started, the MC needs to be a girl. And it's hard to tell Harper to shut up so I can write a new story. :) Maybe if I can officially decide on a name for the new MC in the new book, it will help me separate them.

Plus, I miss the world of In The Between. I love those characters so much. I really want to write another book about them...but I figure there's no point in any kind of sequel unless the first one gets published. So that's hard too. On the other hand, I may not have a choice. My brain might not let me let go of the sequel, no matter what. We'll see.


It's so much fun to have new followers thanks to the Writers Platform Building Campaign! If you're a writer and you haven't signed up yet, you should!! I think you have til Wednesday. But I'm not sure. You should probably double-check because these days it seems that I very rarely know what I'm talking about. :)


  1. Just another YA Campaigner from your group popping by to say 'Hi!'. I'm Susan and my writing blog can be found at mywithershins.wordpress.com (I am using my Humpty Dumpty identity only because I have been having real trouble posting comments using my WordPress one) Enjoy the Campaign!

  2. I watched the Grammys! I actually love watching any of the the award shows. I guess its my inner fan girl. Haha! Anyways, Adele was AMAZING! Wait until you see her performance! As for LL Cool J, I think he's the only host I've ever liked =)


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