Why I Didn't Want to Read The Hunger Games

March 26, 2012
So, there's this little book you may have heard a thing or two about.....the seemingly unstoppable force that is The Hunger Games (as well as the two books that came after it, of course).

I've heard about it.

Basically, from the second I started to seriously pursue this dream of publishing a book, The Hunger Games has always been there- right outside of my field of vision, waiting. I've spent the last couple of years reading just about every YA title I could get my hands on (in my genre...because there's some YA that just doesn't appeal to me at all)--but NOT this book. It seemed like everybody in the world was telling me, "Oh Megan- you have to read The Hunger Games."

So I bought it.

And I put it on my shelf.

And it stayed there. FOR MONTHS, PEOPLE.

For whatever reason, The Hunger Games intimidated the crap out of me. I haven't heard a bad thing about it. Everyone who's read it is obsessed with it. Just like Twilight- except back when Twilight was hitting the shelves I wasn't trying to get published. But suddenly I was- and The Hunger Games represented this....insane thing that I would never be.

Does that make sense at all? I was reading all the YA I could so I could learn from it, but I did NOT want to read The Hunger Games because I was afraid it would terrify me into never writing again. Like, what would be the point? Whatever I write could never be as good as The Hunger Games.

So people would ask- "Have you read it? Have you read it?" And I'd just say something like, "Nah....haven't had time yet...."

And then....gradually....it stopped intimidating me. I picked up the book this morning and finished it in five hours.

OH. MY. GEEZ. I'm like, seriously angry with myself for being so stupid about it all and not reading it in the first place. I'm also seriously angry that I didn't go on and buy books 2 and 3....because now I have to wait for them. And I think we can all agree that I hate waiting.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this book. Team Peeta. All the way. Oh....Peeta.

And you know what else? It didn't make me afraid of writing. If anything, it made me want to write. Because MAN ALIVE I love YA right now. I love that such amazing books- full of real drama and emotions, not preachy "Let's teach these teens an important lesson" stuff- are out there. When I think of how far YA has come since I was a teenager....(I mean, I loved the Sweet Valley High books and all--really, don't judge-- but come on).

Anyway. Just wanted to admit my ridiculous insecurities, and say outloud that it's okay if I don't write The Hunger Games. :)

Now I'm going to go kill off several characters in my WIP.

Things Megan Loves Today

March 6, 2012
My friend Leigh Ann does a post on her blog called Friday Obsessions, in which she posts several different things she's been obsessed with for the week.

I'm not going to do that. Mostly because, well, after reading about Leigh Ann's multi-faceted obsessions...I realize that I am actually kinda boring. I think if I tried to do this every week, I'd just link to the previous week's post and be like- "Yeah, remember that? Still on that. Thanks."

But TODAY I do feel like sharing some of the things that I'm obsessed with lately!

1. Call Me Maybe
And, specifically, this video. Note- I've never thought much of Justin Beiber. A 15-yr-old boy gyrating on stage and grabbing his crotch just creeps me out. BUT I adore Selena Gomez....and when they started dating I had to at least admit he must be okay for them to date. (Since, obviously, Selena and I are best friends and I'm such an expert on what a good person she is.) (I'm well aware that the act of attributing good qualities to a person just because he/she is attractive is ridiculous.) (Maybe that's why I don't attribute good qualities to the Beibs? Because I don't find him attractive in the least?) (And now you're all thinking that I'm in love with Selena Gomez. I'm not. But come on- that kid's adorable.) (Now I'm just adding parenthetical statements for the hell of it.) Having said ALL OF THAT- this video made me like him just a little more. Actually, this video makes me like all of them a little more. WAY TO GO, whoever thought this up. Excellent marketing. If it can make ME like BEIBER, it's AMAZING.

It's in April. I'm going. I can't wait. For lots of reasons-
  • I love staying in hotels. I mean, I get a whole bed to myself....and I don't even have to make it. And I will order room service JUST BECAUSE. 
  • I get to be around writers. It's just fun.
  • I'll have some PRIME writing time. I'm checking in Thursday and leaving Saturday. That's TWO full nights by myself to write. I mean, it's mind-blowing to think about right now....when I'm lucky to scrape together 30 full minutes to write.
  • The Southern Kentucky Bookfest is the next day- and Rachel Hawkins and Victoria Schwab are gonna be there. I will do my best not to go all fangirl on them.....but I make no promises.
 3. The Vampire Diaries
I'd never watched or even heard of this show until I started following Kiersten White on Twitter, and kept seeing random references to it. Several months later, we got Netflix....and lo and behold- The Vampire Diaries is on Instant Play. So I thought, "Eh, why not? I'll try it."

First off- why didn't anyone tell me Ian Somerhalder was in it? I would've been all over this show MUCH MUCH sooner. I mean, look at him. LOOK AT HIM!

And yeah, while he IS beautiful...I also want to clarify that I think he's a really great actor. The transformation in his demeanor as he goes back and forth in portraying evil Damon and hopelessly in love Damon, old vampire and new vampire....it impresses me. And the fact that the first few episodes made me HATE him, but at this point I'm like, "WHY is Elena with Steffan?!" impresses me too.

Anyway- I've made it through the first season, but I've decided I'm gonna have to slow down....because if not I'm going to finish season two entirely too quickly and then I'll have to wait for season three. And I don't like waiting. Ever.

Ok, that's it for today. I'm gonna stare at Ian for a few minutes, watch the Call Me Maybe video one more time...and then open up my WIP. :)
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