Changing Things Around...

April 1, 2012
So. I thought my blog looked a little, "Meh..." and I decided to do something about it.

Because that's what I do, people. I see a problem and I FIX IT. I would NEVER just sit around and whine until my husband fixes it for me. That is not me at ALL.

(That is so me. Particularly if spiders are involved.)

But anyway- what do you think? The title up there kinda bugs me....but I'm too tired at this point to dig through the web to find out how to fix it. It took about an hour to figure out how to center the page elements in the side bar, so I'm not up to tackling the title right now.

I'm planning to add some pages, like an About Me page as well as info pages about my completed novel and WIPs.

So anyway- just wanted to give you a heads up that you might see something new every time you visit my page in the next few weeks. Be ready. It might get CRAZY.

On a side note- if you follow me on Twitter, (and if you don't, what's wrong with you? ) you might have caught my tweets about plotting today. I PLOTTED, people. With INDEX CARDS. On a BULLETIN BOARD. Isn't everything more DRAMATIC in CAPS?

I will take a picture and do a post about this later this week, because....let me tell you, I was a die-hard pantser. (For my nonwriting friends, that's what we call people who don't plan out the details of their plots before they start writing. There are plotters, and then there are those of us who fly by the seat of our pants = pantsers. Don't you feel all "in the know" now?) But I read a book that changed my life, from a writing perspective at least, and showed me that plotting doesn't have to take all the fun out of it.

So, look for that post this week!


  1. I like it Megan!! Looks good! :)

    As to plotting, welcome to the dark side! :)

  2. Hey, great blog!! Nice set up and pictures!! Keep up the good work!! You are invited to check out or follow my blog anytime!!! Have a great day!!


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