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May 11, 2012
It's been a while since I've done one of these, right? And I know you're dying to know what's making me happy lately.


My lovely friend and CP Gina FINALLY announced that she's agented. (I mean, this only just happened, but I've been dying to be all YAAAAAAY on Twitter about it.) I guess I've been all YAAAAAAY anyway, but now I can be specific. Sort of. I can't tell you WHO, but I can tell you that her YA romance is effing amazing. It has such a perfectly flawwed and real MC, Kelsey, who is in love with the perfectly perfect David. And it takes so many beautiful twists and turns to explain why she is the way she is, and there were several times reading it that I was like, "WHY KELSEY? WHY? KISS THAT BOY!!"

And, there's this one scene in the rain......oh my geeeeeeez it's good.

Ok. I'm calming down now to tell you to go to Gina's blog and congratulate her. (And also, writers, just last week Gina posted something about how querying is hell and she would never be agented. So...there's a lesson in hope in there somewhere.)

Kristen Bell Sloth Video
I feel like everybody's probably seen this video, but you should still watch it again. Kristen Bell has an obsession with sloths, and she talked about it on Ellen, and....holy crap it makes me laugh so hard I can't breath EVERY TIME.

Jamie Cullum's All At Sea
This is one of my top two favorite songs of all time (the other is an Amos Lee song that I'm sure I'll post later). I love everything about it, from the cute British singer, to the piano music, to the LYRICS. It speaks to me, people. I love this song soooo much. And so should you.

My Current WIP
I got all wrapped up in revising Between there for awhile, and had to set aside my Cooper story. (Not the actual title. I swear I can do better than that.) I finally needed a break from all the Between-ness, so I whipped out Cooper and ....ahhh.... I love re-reading something I've written and remembering all over again what I love about it and its characters.  That's a fun feeling. Will he choose Laurel or Meredith? I haven't even decided yet.

So what's been making you guys happy lately? I'm always up for suggestions!


  1. I'm so flattered!! I don 't know what to do with myself when people say such nice things about me and my work... so I just weep and say thank you!


    (And you can bet I'll be bragging on your behalf when it happens to you!)

    1. You're welcome. You totally deserve it. <3

  2. I really really love the Kristen Bell sloth video, it makes me laugh every single time too!

    1. I KNOW! Especially at the end when Ellen makes her think there's a sloth there. I laugh til I cry. :)


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