Five Singer-Songwriters You Should Love (Because I Do)

July 18, 2013

(This post originally appeared on All The Write Notes.)

When it comes to music, there’s little I don’t like. My iTunes library is pretty diverse–from Chopin to Metallica to Tone Loc to Brad Paisley to She & Him to Taylor Swift to… get the idea. All genres, all decades, etc.

I just. like. music. Whatever mood I’m in, I want a soundtrack for it. I like to feel my feels, guys. And as a redheaded southern woman, I’ve got a WIDE VARIETY of feels which require a wide variety of music.

However, I do have a clear favorite when it comes to the category of music I love most:


There’s just something so incredible about listening to someone sing the song he/she wrote. There’s a level of intimacy that you don’t always see when a singer performs a song written by someone else. Its performed exactly the way its creator imagined it. (Also I’m insanely impressed by anyone who can write a song at all. If he/she can sing on top of that, I want to be their friend for life.)

With that in mind….here are five of my favorites you should know!

Oh….Amos Lee. The very first Amos Lee song I ever heard was Dreamin from his self-titled first album, and I was hooked immediately. My favorite song in the world, Arms of a Woman, is on it. If you’ve never heard of him, go here and check that song out first. Follow it up with Seen It All Before, Dreamin, Windows Are Rolled Down, and Better Days. While his debut is my favorite, I’ve bought (and will continue to buy) everything the man sings. His voice, you guys.

I am basically the happiest person ever to call Nick one of my friends. We met through Twitter, and as soon as I checked out his music I added him to my Buy Everything Forever list. The combination of his incredible voice and his heartfelt lyrics–LOVE. (Those of you who watched my book deal announcement video will recognize his song, Presence of Greatness, at the end.) Go here and listen to Nobody Gets out Clean, follow it up with Lost At Sea, Long Way Home, Good Enough, and Tired of Me (which features Stacy Lantz, who I talk about below).

For a country girl who loves lyrics, it doesn’t get much better than Magnolia Tree. I have about a million reasons to love this song, from the lyrics to his voice to my own personal memory of the first time I heard it, but I’ll let you listen to it and come up with your own. Go here and listen to it, then follow up with Fire and Dynamite, Live Forever, and Another Man’s Shoes.

Stacy’s fairly new to me–I first heard her on Nick Flora’s Tired Of Me, and immediately LOVED her voice. She has a new album coming out this summer (and the tiniest bit of one of the songs on it, Ready This Time, is in one of her youtube videos and I’m already in love with it based on the 5 seconds of it I’ve heard. So.) BUT! You don’t have to wait for the new album–you can go here and start with my favorite, Pennies & Dimes. Follow up with Breathe and Fool.

Marie’s style is a little different from what I usually like–it’s a little more “pop” or something? (Yet I adore Taylor Swift. I’m a complex person.) But there’s this song- Beauty in Walking Away (I prefer the acoustic version) that I love SO MUCH. As a person who sometimes has a hard time letting go of things, I really love the sentiment of it–don’t ever discount the beauty in walking away. So go here and start with that one, then follow it up with Miss Invisible as well as her covers of Umbrella and What I’ve Done.
Be sure to check out ATWN’s Song of the Week this week! It was my choice, and it’s another singer/songwriter I just learned of a couple weeks ago–Joe Purdy. I’m basically in love with The City (this week’s song), along with Why Do I and I Love the Rain the Most. Do yourself a favor and listen!

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